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Chicago Orginal Rock Music
Chicago Military Veterans Rock Band

Hot LZ is a Chicago-based rock band playing original rock music inspired by 70's rock, southern rock, blues and hip hop. This quintet infuses gritty vocals, slash-weaving electric guitars grounded in an acoustic backdrop, with a romp and stomp rhythm section.  HOT LZ intertwines lyrical magic connecting with anyone who can relate to love, loss and raising hell. 

Hot LZ's lead vocalist is native Nashvillian and multi-instrumentalist Billy Joe Davenport. With his foot on the gas pedal, Dean Haage provides rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Bob Hyatt (Dr. Bobby Hyatt), also of Chicago-based Heeby Jeebies, brings the head rockin, face-grimacing, lead guitar and vocals. The rhythm section features Shelby Martin thundering on bass and backing vocals, along with Bill Werkheiser keeping it in the pocket with his ratta-tat-tat drum style.

If Ted Nugent, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Creedance Clearwater Rivival, Black Crowes, Rage Against the Machine and Muddy Waters were to have a baby - it might be Hot LZ. 

Chicago Military Veterans Rock Band


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